Nashville, TN, USA


paintings, commissions, and limited edition prints by Emily Warren


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About Me


Studied Illustration at The School Of Visual Arts.  Currently working toward an MFA in Visual Arts from Vermont College of Fine Arts.  

 My work is inspired by an intimate contemplation of classism. Rooted in the Western still life genre, the imagery is based on personal family artifacts and domestic scenes, while often including the representation of inexpensive, nonnutritive food - illustrating the allure of false bounty. I am particularly drawn to the depiction of emptied jars and containers to construct conflicting narratives around the nature of saving for tomorrow while living with a present-moment, survivalist mentality. The varying lighting scenarios offer moments of beauty and illumination, but also include abstract shadows and reflections, symbolizing the fleeting stability offered by the phenomena of class mobility.


On the Easel

5/10/2020 This 24x24 inch piece is a work in progress. One of the shared values of the middle-class is that education is critical for success. Through the use of light and shadow, this work intends to illustrate the phenomenon of increasing downward mobility for the middle-class. 


My inspiration

I find inspiration from everyday domestic objects, nature, and the people closest to me. My current research involves exploring the hidden rules of classism in an era of Late Capitalism, Feminist studies, and the theory of social reproduction.  


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