Nashville, TN, USA


original oil paintings, commissions, and art prints by Emily Warren

Stop by the  TSU Avon Library Downtown to see some paintings.  Also The Brentwood library will have a exhibit in December. 

About Me


My favorite thing about painting is the process. I love the feeling. The mind space that is required to really be into a painting. The process is somehow difficult and relaxing, challenging and rewarding, it boosts my confidence and humbles me all at the same time. There is no other feeling like creating a beautiful painting. It's satisfying to experience a range of emotions in a just a couple of hours by moving paint around. Sometimes I wipe all the paint off after a day or so.

On the Easel

12/8/18 Lately, I have been thinking a lot about perfection.  Sometimes I find myself paralyzed due to imperfection.  I may rerun a loop in my head of an imperfect encounter. Or I might toss out a painting because I can see  something in the piece that makes me nuts...a glaring imperfection. This desire for perfection has been in my mind for many, many years.  Sometimes I can push it away but it always finds a way to  haunt me.  I like his imperfections.

My inspiration

I get my inspiration from everyday objects and the people closest to me.

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