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About Me


My favorite thing about painting is the process. I love the feeling. The mind space that is required to really be into a painting. The process is somehow difficult and relaxing, challenging and rewarding, it boosts my confidence and humbles me all at the same time. There is no other feeling like creating a beautiful painting. It's satisfying to experience a range of emotions in a just a couple of hours by moving paint around. Sometimes I wipe all the paint off after a day or so.

On the Easel


2/17/19  A sweet spread made from the peel of citrus fruit, marmalade has been around since the type of the ancient Greeks. At the time of the reign of Henry VIII marmalade was introduced the the English. Sometime in 1800’s it became the breakfast spread with chunks of fruit peel like we know today. The pith of an orange bitter but the spread is wonderfully sweet.

My inspiration


I get my inspiration from everyday objects and the people closest to me.

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